JacqUnique Design and Embroidery

We turn your Ideas into Creations 

We turn your ideas into a finished product by helping you design and creating it.
We create or embellish an item using 2 different techniques:
Embroidery: thread stitched on your item which gives it a beautiful sheen.
Vinyl: ironed on your item. Vinyl comes in matte, shiny, or glitter.

Get your logo or a picture tuned into stitches by letting us digitizing it. Pay a one-time setup fee and the embroidery file is yours. With this file, you can put your design on various items and it will always look the exact same.

We make patches with an adhesive backing so they can be ironed or sewn on. We can sew them on for you, or you can just iron them on.

We work with everyone including individuals, teams, clubs, schools, colleges, companies, birthday parties, etc.

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We can put your design, logo, emblem, etc. on various items with embroidery or vinyl. Call today for a quote.